By Rafique Chakar
District Panjgur in Balochistan home to several archaeological sites such as centuries-old tombs, an old dam called Band-e-Gillar, remnants of a fort at Khudabadan (the historical fort of Nawab Kharan) and some remnants of the old port of Issai, has become a hub of problems for the locals due to lack of proper sewerage system.
This road leads to the main market in Chatkan, Punjgur district. Photo Credit: Rafique Chakar
Panjgur famous for its quality dates has a population of 400,000. The main sewerage line of the city passes through its main bazaar, the Panjgur Chatkan Bazar, where people of the surrounding area come to shop for their everyday needs.
“ The gutters are overflowing, due to the dirty and smelly water on the roads and the customers avoid coming to the bazar causing a negative impact on the business “, District President Trade Union Haji Abdul Malik Baloch registered his protest while talking to Pak Voices.
This photo shows the lack of proper sewerage system in Chatkan bazaar. Photo Credit: Rafique Chakar
“ The situation demands immediate attention but no one has taken any step to solve this grave issue”, he lamented.
Besides the shopkeepers, the residents have also voiced their similar concerns over the improper sanitation system and said it is making their life difficult.
“ Due to overflowing sewerage water there is a strong stink in the area and is giving rise to several viral diseases, especially amongst the elderly and children”, Abdul Salam Baloch, a resident of Chatkan told Pak Voices.
The deteriorating sewerage system has forced many residents of the area to migrate. Photo Credit: Rafique Chakar
Even this has forced many people to migrate from the area.
Expressing anger at the government two locals Majid Hussain and Sabir Ali alleged, “ Every government approves massive funds for the improvement of sewerage line but the funds land in the hands of the corrupt.”
However, according to Vice Chairman Municipal Committee, Shoaib Khan Baloch, this may have been the case in the past but improving the sanitation system in Chatkan Bazar is the priority of the present provincial government.
“ Soon we will fix the problem and proper sewerage system will be in place so the people could live a better life”, he claimed.
About Author: Rafique Chakar is a citizen journalist based in Punjgur, working with PakVoices.
Aneela Riazuddin translated and edited this article in Islamabad.