Fishing industry of Gwadar

By Haroon Baloch An insight on the fishing industry of Gwadar.

Gwadaris enjoy Eid mela on cliff-top Koh-e-Batil

Like every year, Eid mela was organized on the majestic Koh-e-Batil Hill from where people can enjoy breathtaking views of Arabian Sea. People of Gwadar...

Picnickers celebrate Eid on Juddi Beach

Picnickers flooded the Juddi Beach of Pasni, a small fishing town of Gwadar, on the Eid days. Pak Voices citizen journalist Badil Baloch has made this...

Thar’s Basic Health Unit becomes model facility for maternity care

A Basic Health Unit set up under the Primary Healthcare Initiative in Tharparkar is taking care of the women who come for treatment from...

Gwadar’s women participate in walk for eradicating corruption

Civil society organized a peace walk in Gwadar, the port town in southwestern Pakistan, on the eve of Independence Day. Women also took part...